Finishing Strong in Zambia

First and foremost, we as a Team would like to apologise for the late blog post. This week has been filled with so many activities that we can finally share with you all now in our last blog post…

PRAISE GOD! We had five people in total come to faith in Jesus Christ through the ministry we did on the UNZA campus! Please be praying for Jaden, Sam, Hannah, Linda and Mubita who all gave their lives to Christ. Please be praying for genuine fruit and growth in their lives.

Khodani, Hannah, Patty
Wallet, Sam, Jaden

The team had an opportunity to sit down with Pastor Conrad Mbewe, the Pastor of Kabwata Baptist Church, earlier in the week.  He availed himself to answer questions and gauge his heart concerning various topics that affect us as students and what affected him when he was younger. He encouraged us to continue to seek Jesus more as a role model than anything. He challenged us to enjoy the adventure of having our futures in God’s hands instead of having each minute of lives planned out. We all were thankful for the wisdom and knowledge he passed on to us.

Meeting with Pastor Conrad Mbewe



On Friday and Saturday; the team headed down Livingstone for a debriefing, reflection and relaxing. We spent time learning about the steps to take towards finding a church by looking at good marks of a church and our personal responsibility when looking for a church. What was huge for us was just the realization that finding a church is finding a church authority and body to submit under. We also looked and thought through life statements and life verses to cast vision when looking at our lives. On the more relaxing side of things we were able to visit the Livingstone Museum where we got to learn more about Zambia and David Livingstone, a well-known missionary in Zambia as well as we got the chance to visit the Victoria Falls which was amazing to see God’s creation on display besides the drought conditions.


Our last week on the UNZA campus was mainly dedicated to getting the first years that we have been engaging  connected with the ZAFES student leaders and students that attend Kabwata Baptist Church. The guys played soccer & rugby and the girls had a picnic at the University’s Goma Lake. In addition to these activities, we had a braai on Sunday evening also in efforts to connect students as well as to spend time together on our last night on campus. We truly do believe that these activities brought the UNZA students together and we saw the beginnings of a life on life community. We are praying that such meetings continue along with a growing culture of life on life discipleship in ZAFES and on the campus.

We all headed back home to South Africa on Tuesday morning and we thank God for His traveling mercies as we journeyed back home. We took time to visit the Campus Outreach Leadership Project which a two-week camp for first years where they are equipped and trained on being leaders in our university ministry. We shared our experiences and hearts with them, challenging them on “Losing It” for the sake of Christ and His Gospel.

Some of the big take-aways for us as a team are the following:

  • Standing firm on setting the standard of obedience and faithfulness in our walks and our ministry
  • Fuelling each other as we fight for the hunger for God’s Word and its immediate application
  • Being in wholehearted prayer for the people we reached out to, the ZAFES community, UNZA and largely the Lost Nations.
  • Expressing thanksgiving to God for the work He has done through this CCP and the work He will continue to do through CCP’s to come.

We are trusting in the Lord in this and would as you as our supporters to be praying with and for us.


From the 2015 ZAMBIA CCP TEAM, we would like to thank you all for being on this journey with us through the blog, your support and through prayer. We are grateful that you all chose to invest in making disciples of every nation as Jesus Christ commanded.



4 thoughts on “Finishing Strong in Zambia

  1. I’m humbled and amazed to watch what God was doing in and through your lives in Zambia. We are all so proud of you and your example of faith. I love these final four resolutions you guys came back with and look forward to being challenged and led by you guys in these areas in the months ahead!


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